How Black & Brown People survive in a pandemic

So very often when things go wrong and they are health crisis it is black and brown people the working poor who do the work that is necessary to keep the world turning very different of my wrote a post That gives a peek into the reality of black and brown people working in healthcare they are seldom scene that are required to be there who put their health and their family safety at risk. These are her words and my cosign!

An Open Letter To America

By Lori Bullock

Many look at this picture and say, Oh My Goodness. Holy Shit, how can this be? Why don’t these idiots stay home! Well, I will tell you! I think we all need to stop being naive here wondering how this is possible. Low wage Brown and Black people have always been “ESSENTIAL” when it comes to mopping urine and blood stained floors in hospitals, working in the cafeteria and changing soiled linen. They empty the trash. They care for the disabled and your elderly family members by cleaning, feeding them and washing their backsides when others don’t want to be bothered . They cook the food that many are ordering online while quarantined and deliver it to your doorstep. They are the cashier that rings your groceries and cleaning supplies at the market and pharmacy. They clean the hotel rooms of the brave first responders who are afraid to go home for fear of spreading the virus. These are the unsung heroes that keep the world moving . Pandemic be damned! Many don’t own cars or live close to the places that employ them. Yet they show up every day to both ride and clean the buses and subways they brave to get to work. They stand guard at the apartment building you live in 24 hours a day 365 days a year calling you to. say your delivery has arrived. This is the disparity that many don’t see when the world is moving at a fast pace. And suddenly when we all come to a pause it becomes apparent. We should thank them and say a prayer every day to thousands of these nameless, faceless champions we owe so much to! Many can’t stop, won’t stop because they are needed despite the bewildered judgement. So when you see their faces you may think they are not ESSENTIAL but imagine life without them.

Because they are ESSENTIAL like a MF.

Real Talk! Signed,

Lori Bullock.

A friend and family of these REAL HEROES!


I’m a writer, producer, actor, director, digital entrepreneur, advisor, passionate lover, a IP lawyer and unapologetically BLACK!!!