Joe Biden will never be what Donald Trump was for White America simply because Joe lacks Whiteness.

(Butch Dill | AP Photo) In this Nov. 6, 2018, a man wears a hat with President President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan in Montgomery, Ala.

As the end of the Trump era begins coming to a close, America is more divided now than it has been since the start of the Civil War. With his rhetoric, subtle racism, and the ability to use the power of media to spread his dog-whistle rhetoric. Donald Trump took his message to 40% of the US population, grouping them under the banner of “Make America Great Again,” signaling to them, “I’m here to save Whiteness.”

What is Whiteness? An unfairly privileged exclusionary category, based on physical features, most notably a lack of melanin. The concept of Whiteness was an import from Spain and Portugal during the era of slavery. The purpose of Whiteness was defined as a way to contrast one’s identity as different from slaves. Whiteness, as a concept, also created a deliberate hierarchy to determine who was privileged and property or a second-class citizen. This system cemented itself in the lexicon, behavior, and belief of White superiority here in America.

Whiteness is forced group membership. Its sole purpose originated by oppressing people of color. Ultimately, Whiteness causes psychological and spiritual damage to White people just as it damages non-Whites. For example, when I was in college/grad school, I posed a question to one of my more “liberal” psychology professors. I asked, “who is actuality the slave? The slave or the slave master.” She looked at me with a puzzled looked and said nothing, typical. She being speachless at that moment, was because she had to think about her belief system and how her approach coincides with racism.

Whiteness stands on a false foundation of superiority based on a lie of the natural selection process. There is no natural selection process because Whiteness can’t solely rely on color to survive. It requires a group mentality that continues to perpetuate a belief of power because of their Whiteness. And each member who maintains this group mentality receives a payment of privilege in which supports the behavior of entitlement and superiority.

White Americans are imbued with Whiteness from infancy. They do not choose it for themselves but hold on to it and the privilege that comes from it for dear life because they would have nothing without it. Whiteness is not a culture; it’s a mindset and a belief cloaked in religion and ignorance.

Biden’s view of America will not come easy. The sweeping promises that he would be the United States president representing all of its citizens, not just his party, is very problematic. The issue with his hope for unity with the American people is impossible because America is racist. Its systemic, ugly, and dark and woven into the fabric of American society. See America and all she stands for, such as freedom and liberty, also stands for racism, bigotry, sexism, and a host of other things. She has allowed Whiteness to be a silent weapon that protects her White citizens. Whiteness allows Karen’s to exist, stand your grounds laws to be passed, and the justification granted to the police for killing persons of color.

Biden has not the power, talent, or skill set to speak or the influence that Trump has when it comes to Whiteness. Trump speaks their language. He’s one of them. In their eyes, he believes in the thing they believe in, the power of Whiteness. Donald Trump’s followers will never see Joe Biden as America’s unifier as they saw in Trump. To them, Joe Biden will always be a race trading, carpetbagger, and scallywag. Though he’s a White male with, blue-collar upbringing, he’s seen as unredeemable. Simply because for eight years, they saw Biden stand side by side with the first Black president. So for them, he turned his backs on his kind and did all he could to improve the lives of those niggers, Porch Monkeys, Pickaninny, their Niglets, and nothing for his kind.

Now that the Biden/Harris ticket has defeated America’s great prince of Whiteness, all the grand wizards, dragons, titans, giants, cyclops, Magis, members of the boogaloo, and the proud boys, including those QAanon supporters, tea party members, and those Christian beholden to Donald Trump will do all they can do to keep the mission of their supreme leader moving forward. All of these individuals will never, and I mean never, listen or follow Joe Biden as he tries to unify this sick, broke, and broken country. These individuals (Trump’s sycophants) will do their part to continue the fight for Whiteness. For all that matters for those who voted for Mr. Trump in the next four years is preserving one of America’s founding principles… Whiteness.

I’m a writer, producer, actor, director, digital entrepreneur, advisor, passionate lover, a IP lawyer and unapologetically BLACK!!!